Welcome to the online extension of the book The Art of Chart Reading. Here you will find updated information about the book and price charts analyzed with the methodology explained in the book. Consider this part learning and part exploration of what you can do with the charts. Enjoy!

The Art of Chart Reading

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The Art of Chart Reading Online

The Art of Chart Reading Online is an ongoing project designed to complement the book, The Art of Chart Reading, with real life chart examples and additional tips and tricks on the application of chart reading in actual trading.

The Art of Chart Reading

The Art of Chart Reading is the book that summarizes the proven effective chart reading techniques with in-depth insights and examples on applying these techniques in real-life trading situations.

Lawrence Chan

Lawrence Chan is a professional trader, hedge fund manager and pioneer in trading technologies. His decades of trading experience and acute interest in improving his trading performance have led to his many breakthroughs in trading techniques.


Forecast: Where is Dow Jones Industrial Average Heading as of March 29, 2019

Last time I posted a chart about Dow was back in October 2, 2018. The chart is like this. What I said in the post worked out pretty well. Here is an update of the same chart. Notice the sharp drop ended abruptly where – the 100% expansion level (orange horizontal line). So what can …


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